Past Pupils

Some examples of pupils that have benefited from private tuition with me…..

*  fast track pupils who subsequently took and passed A level before they were 16!

*  pupils that needed to pass the Truro School entrance examinations

*  mature students that needed to pass the necessary mathematical entrance examinations to enter professions such as teaching, nursing, engineering etc.

*  pupils that were struggling to achieve that essential grade C in year 11

*  fast track pupils who were aiming for an A* in GCSE

*  pupils who needed tuition in A level so that they could achieve top grades before applying to universities of their choice

*  bright pupils who felt that they were not being stretched in their school lessons

*  pupils who needed help with the SATS

*  children who were being taught out of school

*  pupils preparing for important re-takes

*  fast track pupils taking examinations early

So needs, of course, vary from pupil to pupil. This is where private tuition can often be the answer. Correct technique, preparation and thorough revision is essential to examination success.